Walking – A natural way to remain fit

Published: 28th September 2010
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Summary: In this busy life where weight keeps piling up in the body, it is very necessary to control weight. Natural exercises such as brisk walking and jogging has been considered as one of the effective ways to lose weight. Read this article and know more about it.

Since unhealthy lifestyle has almost become an indispensible part of our life, many struggle to control weight. To reduce the weight, people rush to gym, have weight loss supplements, and if nothing works, as a last resort, they go on an extreme diet plan. But are all these required when weight or obesity could be controlled by natural ways such as jogging, cycling and walking. In other words, natural ways to bring weight under control have gone into oblivion. Hence by adopting natural ways, one could maintain a healthy and fit body.
Walk to lose weight:

Walking is considered as the best and the easiest form of exercise to lose weight. It could be taken up irrespective of age. Since it does not require any kind of special equipment, majority of people could indulge in it regardless of their weight. However normal walking is not just good enough to cut extra weight.

For cutting down weight, brisk walking would help a lot. Brisk walking involves walking at a swift pace. Some studies show that walking fast would help to burn almost as many calories as jogging for the same distance. Brisk walking is also considered aerobic activity and is often a part of an entire aerobic set.

There are numerous benefits of brisk walking; particularly, for obese people, as it helps them to lose weight quickly. While brisk walking, one should adopt a pace which is fast but not exhausting. Walking is simple and fun. Walking exercise could be done in any season at park, on road, in nearby mall, or in building corridor, etc

Given below are the benefits of brisk walking:

1. Helps to battle against stress and provides complete relaxation to mind
2. Protects a range of diseases such as osteoporosis, colon cancer, constipation and many more.
3. Helps to remain fit and increases the longevity of life
4. Helps to relieve tension and stress
5. Strengthens muscles, bones, and joints, and relieves from backache trouble and arthritis problem.
6. Regular brisk walking helps to get a proper sleep at night.

Health benefits of walking:

Brisk walking is as good as jogging as it burns a good amount of calories. Walking daily increases body’s metabolism rate. However, it should be borne in mind that walking for just 10 minutes a day will not work wonders in your weight loss program. Walking approximately 60 minutes for five days a week is necessary to lose weight.

A ten week weight loss plan:

For the first, second and third week, walk for half an hour thrice a week. Then for four times a week until the eighth week, walk for at least 35 minutes. In the last two weeks, walk for at least 45 minutes for five times a week. This weight loss plan is one of the best ways to lose weight.


To burn excess fat and reduce weight without totally tiring out body, walking is the best exercise. Besides, other forms of exercises which would help to cut down weight are climbing stairs up and down for few minutes, jogging or cycling. This would give you as good results as walking.

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